Executive Director – Ben Mallon

“I have worked as an administrator for more than 20 years. This job is a passion and I enjoy making a difference in peoples’ lives and in the community.”

Director of Nursing – Brenda Piparo

“I enjoy working with the geriatric population. In my position, I am able to make meaningful connections and differences in their lives.”

Business Office Manager – Sam Norquist

“I have always been a caring person. Caring for our residents is very fulfilling and I love seeing them enjoy this stage of their lives.”

Admissions – Jeanne Suminski

“I enjoy building relationships with patients and their families, as well as with my center and organization teammates. I enjoy helping people make an informed decision with their healthcare needs.”

Director of Rehabilitation – Christine Churchill

“I enjoy working with people and seeing them achieve goals that we set in therapy. I love helping them live a better quality of life.”

Director of Social Services – Sabrina Rhines

“Being an advocate for our residents is something that I really enjoy and take very seriously. I work to provide the best care possible for our residents.”